Consultant Team: Istvan Gosztola, Shane Stew- art, Hendri Bezuidenhout, Mark Wagner, Litto Malela, Jyotsna Rebeiro, Tendai Gava (Architects); Dave Saunders (Town Planner); Metric Quantity Surveyors (Quantity Surveyors); Edifice Consulting (Structural Engineers)

Contractor: Vector Construction

Period: 2011 (completed)

Client: Barmaran CC (Barmaran View, 138 Kloof Rd, Bantry Bay)

Value: +-R13m

The development is centrally located at 138 Kloof Road in wind-free Bantry Bay, Cape Town. The brief was to maximize permissible land use and accommodation for resale. All living areas are orientated northwards with unique view across the Atlantic from Robben Island all the way to the ned of the Twelve Apostles mountain range and Sandy Bay.

The process of restrictions and approvals by the neighbouring owners directly shaped the development. Constraints were positively engaged and solutions were found through the process of debate and investigation.

Each accommodating 4 en-suite bedrooms, very spacious living and entertainment spaces and private swimming pools, the living envelope includes careful consideration of systems, fittings, fixtures and finsishes resulting in a reduced carbon footprint without compromising contemporary luxury finishes and east, open-plan living.

Sustainable energy saving objectives and environmentally conscience materials were realised and included: central vacuum system, underfloor heating, heat pumps, chlorine free pool filtratiom, hemp carpets and energy observant air conditioning.