Malmesbury CDC

Consultant Team: ARG Design –Alastair Rendall, Juliet Eidelman; AMS Quantity Surveyors; Edifice Consulting Engineers; NEW Multi-Disciplinary Consulting Engineers; Sutherland Consulting Electrical & Mechanical Engineers; Fick & Associates (Quantity Surveyors)

Contractor: Fouten & Sons

Period: 2010 - 2012

Client: Provincial Government of the Western Cape

Value: R28m

The design of the Malmesbury Clinic was informed by the concept of a sustainable building that creates a Healing Environment. A Healing Environment can be defined as an environment that supports patients through the stresses imposed by illness. Strategies for stress reduction that were integrated into the design include; providing a connection to nature, providing people control and choice over their environments, and eliminating stressors such as noise.

A key design feature was that every waiting area would be associated with an outdoor space. The clinic was designed around two courtyards, which bring nature into the heart of the building.

Openings were carefully designed balancing natural light, views, privacy & climate control. Corridors have clerestory windows allowing natural light into these internal spaces and pergolas, louvres & trees were used for shading. Non-toxic materials and materials with recycled content were used where possible. Indigenous landscaping was integrated into the design to ensure that every part of the building has a view onto greenery. All of these elements formed part of the strategy to create a healthy and healing healthcare building.