Consultant Team: ARG Design; HHO Africa (Lead Consultant & Civil Engineers); MDA (Project Managers); Bergstan (Structural Engineers); LDM (Quantity Surveyors); Triocon (Electrical & Mechanical Engineers); Disabaility Solutions (Universal Access); Mackenzie Hoy (Acoustic Engineers); LC Consulting (Façade Engineer); Switch (Signage & Branding); Roger van Wyk (Artwork co-ordinator)

Contractor: Group Five

Period: 2009

Client: City of Cape Town

Value: R9.8m

The IRT station is located in the centre of the revamped airport’s arrival’s plaza, between the 25m-high parking lots and the new terminal building. The station architecture complements that of the terminal buildings, and is designed with larger space allowances than other stations to accommodate trolleys and luggage. The location means that public transport to and from the airport is placed centre stage for the first time.

Acclaimed local artist Sue Williamson produced the artwork at this station, titled A Random History of Cape Town 1499-1994. The work, sandblasted on both sides of the glass at the station, includes images of the peninsula landscape and clouds filled with texts based on quotes from key historical figures such as Nelson Mandela and Ahmed Kathrada.