Consultant Team: ARG Design; HHO Africa (Lead Consultant & Civil Engineers); MDA (Project Managers); Bergstan (Structural Engineers); LDM (Quantity Surveyors); Triocon (Electrical & Mechanical Engineers); Disabaility Solutions (Universal Access); Mackenzie Hoy (Acoustic Engineers); LC Consulting (Façade Engineer); Switch (Signage & Branding); Roger van Wyk (Artwork co-ordinator)

Contractor: Group Five

Period: 2009

Client: City of Cape Town

Value: R14m

The “station in the park” provided the main public transport access to the 2010 World Cup stadium, and is built to handle up to 20,000 people an hour on match days. Its primary entrance is under the “flying doughnut” elevated roadway, providing safe, direct pedestrian access to the stadium. It can also be accessed from the Portswood Road end.

The station’s elevated central roof and generous internal landscaping enhance the experience of being part of the Green Point Common Park, even though the station is built between two lanes of a busy road.

Ceramicist Lovell Friedman has produced a series of mosaics for the station that reflect the history of the area, its inhabitants and the activities they enjoyed there. Lovell has worked for a number of years training artists to do mosaic work and has, as an artist facilitator, contributed to a number of public art projects around the city over the years.