Consultant Team: ARG Design (Urban Designers and Architects); AURECON (Engineering); NewPlan Africa (Town Planners); ITSE (Transportation Planners); Doug Jeffery (Environmental);

Period: 2010 - 2038

Client: Mericorp Developers

Value: R150 Billion

Wescape is the largest single Urban Development project on the African continent. It will provide a new urban environment for approximately 200,000 households, occupying 3100 hectares of land.

Included in the development is over 2 million square meters of commercial, industrial and retail space to provide sufficient jobs for the residents.

Education, Recreation and Healthcare systems and facilities will be provided as part of the development. The latest urban infrastructure technology will be deployed to generate and distribute energy, process and recycle wastewater, and facilitate information communication systems.

Public and non-motorized transportation will be the priority movement systems, integrated into the City of Cape Town’s MyCiti Bus and passenger rail systems.

The completed development will be in the order of 65 dwelling units per hectare.

The community will be inclusive of households who are currently very low income, those in the “gap” market, and middle income. Building a local economy with an emphasis for providing jobs for the lowest income households is a priority. Education and Health will be cross subsidized through the community.